Rainbow is looking for a talented and passionate game designer to join the team.


  • Contribute to any element of the game design as assigned. Examples include but are not limited to: concepting, proposals, prototypes, feature design, system design, peer evaluation, competitive research, and postmortems.
  • Create high quality game design documentation that includes detailed requirements and instructions that enable production to quickly and easily ascertain tangible tasks and milestone goals.
  • Collaborate with other members of the project team. Examples include but are not limited to: Working with an artist to ensure assets and final product match up to original designs. Working with an engineer to define technical possibilities and/or constraints. Working with other designers to brainstorm ideas and provide peer evaluations of works in progress.
  • Implement gameplay content in the game production phase. Examples include but are not limited to: Populating design-specific objects in an environment. Creating and tuning behaviors through tools or AI scripting. Adjusting gameplay controls. Creating level layout and maps. Game balancing, etc.
  • Continue to support development efforts on live products. Examples include but are not limited to: Bug-fixing. Tuning and balancing gameplay based on community feedback. Designing post-launch content releases.


  • Professional and interpersonal communication skills (one-on-one, meetings, Slack, email, Discord, phone conferences).
  • Understanding of design process and basic workflow of receiving tasks and communicating task status/completion.
  • Familiarity with current gen platforms (PC, PS4, XB1), Steam, Unreal Engine 4, Photoshop, and MS Office Suite.
  • One to two years of professional experience as a game designer is preferred, with at least one shipped title on a current gen platform.
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