Lead Environment Artist

  • Stay current with the state-of-the-industry in environment modeling and surfacing techniques.
  • Work with the Art Director and Technical Art Director on Visual Look Development projects to explore and establish environment art direction.
  • Work with the Art Director to establish Environment Theming & Tone, References for sections of the world.
  • Work with the Art Director and Technical Art team to explore different methods for creating environment assets including Photogrammetry, Procedural Building Generation, and Sculpting.
  • Work with the Art Director and Technical Art team to establish the proper pipeline for the sculpting and creation of world environments.
  • Create benchmark assets to set visual quality targets and establish high-level estimates for different types of environment content.
  • Build and scope requirements for assets within sections of the world, establishing detailed goals for yourself and your teammates.
  • Work with the tech art and engineering teams to help establish performance and memory budgets for environment asset content.
  • 5+ Years Experience on Video Game production teams
  • Experience shipping environment content in an intermediate to senior role on 2-3 shipped console/PC titles.
  • Strong knowledge of architecture, city planning, and visual design.
  • Excellent sense of visual composition, form and color.
  • Strong knowledge in world building fundamentals.
  • Proficiency with many different methods for creation or acquisition of environment assets such as scan data, hard surface modeling, vegetation.
  • Demonstrable competency in 3D modeling, materials/surfacing software packages such as Blender, ZBrush and the Substance Suite.
  • Able to quickly gain proficiency in new and unfamiliar tools related to modeling, world building, surfacing, and rendering.
  • Excellent knowledge of how to manage content for games in an optimized and performant manner.
  • A degree in Fine Arts, Animation, Visual Design, or related diploma or certificate
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Senior Software Engineer (Generalist)

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