A Producer focuses mostly on the capacity planning and daily task management in an agile environment. They measure resources and time to scope the project to make sure milestones can be delivered on time and to quality. A Producer will oversee and report on a project or part of a project. They coordinate with other Studio Directors and senior staff to make sure project and department needs (Art, Audio, Design, Engineering disciplines) are met. The producer is there to make sure things are moving, and anything blocking team members can be resolved quickly. They are a team player, and they function as support for the development team.


  • Collaborate with other producers on studio wide capacity planning on multiple projects
  • Manage daily stand ups and use agile methodologies
  • Manage internal dev teams and/or Live Ops teams
  • Collaborate on workflows (in JIRA or similar tool), input on improvements and efficiencies
  • Work with Studio Director to access needs for each discipline
  • Monitor and broadcast the status of the capacity plan and daily task progress
  • Provide projection reports for near future scheduling, proactively identify issues before they become a problem
  • Puts team above process- reporting on concerns and providing solutions ahead of time to manage the team’s quality of life (reduce overtime, find outsource options)
  • Reports to Senior Producer


  • At least 2 years’ experience in video game development in similar roles
  • Other software management experience a plus


  • Previous experience with multiple Agile methods and can quickly adapt as needed
  • Knows intricacies of planning, estimation, and tracking, including time off/sick days/holidays/demos that impact the project plan
  • Knows how to calculate risk based on individual skill levels and those with management responsibilities
  • Capable of long term and short-term planning, is constantly flexible on adjusting plans as needed for the studio
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Senior Software Engineer (Generalist)

Rainbow Studios is looking for a Senior software Engineer who is willing to push the limits with the next generation...