Work with development team to plan and track tasks. Work with Senior Producer to find efficiencies and improve processes. Use JIRA/Confluence to organize, track and report information. Demonstrates clear, concise communication to the team and external groups (such as QA, marketing, etc.).


  • 2-4 years, 1-3 shipped games (full production cycle)

Required Skills

  • JIRA setup (or other tracking tools) for tracking and reporting
  • Ability to manage the team, inquire and communicate status clearly to other parties
  • Proactive approach, finding items that need attention and acting on them
  • Ability to stay focused and on track to keep meetings efficient
  • Basic understanding of fluid game development and can manage change and uncertainty


  • Responsible for high quality and timely delivery of part of a game (feature set)
  • Collaborate to create schedule, track information and report status
  • Act as team liaison to external groups such as QA, Marketing, Licensing and Publishing
  • Turn Social Media info and community feedback into actionable tasks to improve game quality
  • Create, summarize and communicate postmortem notes into actionable items
  • Schedule and run planning and status meetings
  • Create test plans for QA, including internal and external QA groups
  • Coordinate release schedules with the publisher for patches and DLC
  • Drive problem solving communication with key stakeholders, such as discipline leads
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Senior Software Engineer (Generalist)

Rainbow Studios is looking for a Senior software Engineer who is willing to push the limits with the next generation...