Senior Technical Animator



  • Character modeling and Rigging
  • Collaborate with modeling department on issues concerning articulation
  • Integration of skeletal meshes and animations into game engine
  • Work with design and engineering to create animation graphs and state machines
  • Optimize animations and animation graphs
  • Create hand keyed animations that integrate seamlessly with mocap
  • Retarget animations and process motion capture data
  • Assist in defining art tool path and recommend new tools/pipeline improvements
  • Communicate with Directors, Leads and other team members effectively
  • Estimate production tasks accurately and forecasting issues where schedule shortfalls may occur


  • At least 5 years or 3 shipped titles working in a game development environment
  • Great knowledge of the Unreal 4 engine
  • You have a willingness to jump into the unknown and solve new problems; the ability to think creatively to resolve technical and artistic challenges and limitations.
  • Expertise in 3D character and vehicle rigging, skinning
  • Experience with animation asset delivery pipelines
  • Strong animation skills, demonstrating an understanding of principles of weight and movement
  • Storytelling through animation with creative flair
  • Create state machines and animations within technical constraints
  • Experience with game production process, from beginning to end
  • A passion for making games!
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