Senior VFX Artist

As a VFX Artist at Rainbow Studios, you will deliver beautiful visual effect that positively influences gameplay and enhance the player experience. Be it smoke, fire, an explosion, falling snow, or a waterfall, every one of your effects accents the immersive game world and often has people wondering, “How did you do that?”  As a tech-savvy artist, you combine technology and creativity to make the magic happen. You can adapt to a variety of tools while relying on your core talent to create and integrate impactful, high quality, real-time visual effects. Responsibilities
  • Collaborate with the core team to understand the overall creative and artistic vision and establish visual effect priorities.
  • Create environment and cinematic effects using particle systems and textures you produce.
  • Own and drive the VFX department to become a key player in this domain.
  • Push the visual quality of the world by dressing them up with beautiful visuals.
  • Partner with programmers to assess needs and develop tools.
  • Work within technical constraints to craft attractive and functional effects.
  • Integrate your created VFX into the engine.
  • Develop effects based on play test results and comments from cross-functional team members (debug and optimize).
  • Adapt to feedback received from the community after live launch (in some cases), balancing expectations with limitations.
  • Portfolio of work demonstrating strong proficiency as a VFx Artist.
  • 5+ years' experience in video games industry.
  • Experience creating high-quality, stylized real-time VFX
  • High proficiency in VFX development, including fundamentals like timing, shape language, color theory and mesh engineering
  • Have worked in several VFX tools, pipelines, and game engines.
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