Supercross Encore 2015:
Optimized for the latest console generation and featuring the brand new Rhythm Racing mode as well as bonus tracks from Alive.


Supercross 2014:
Focused on exciting Supercross racing in packed stadiums against official pro riders.


Alive 2011:
Featured James Stewart guiding the player through the game plus all five OEM’s (Honda, Suzuki, KTM, Yamaha, Kawasaki) were available for the first time.


Reflex 2009:
Featured real time terrain deformation and dual stick “Reflex” controls to adjust rider position.


Untamed 2008:
Features the innovative new “X-Cross Tournament” and throttle based powerslides.


Unleashed 2005 : 
First in the series to feature dirt bikes and ATVs in one game.


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